Les Toutacous de Manou

Unique accessories from recycled clothing

To wear or offer a Toutacou,

Is to give the opportunity

To emphasize the beauty

Of every woman,

By bringing out her femininity.

Jean-Claude & Manou

We wish every woman could allow herself to see further than the usual ready-to-wear, that she could celebrate her unique beauty by choosing to wear a toutacou that suits her. During the various events in which we participate, we are constantly surprised at the impact of toutacous on women. Surprisingly, even men are pleasantly interested and moved by a desire that their partner acquire a piece of clothing that makes her beautiful and desirable.


Very happy customer. I am obsessed with these amazing creations! They are so unique and very stylish. Thanks for sharing your talents Manou!

Arrived quickly, beautifully packaged with a lovely note and a thoughtful gift. Absolutely thrilled with these creative and versatile pieces that I can wear around my neck or in this case split up and wore one part as a hip hugger! Love! Love! Love! A big MERCI!

Unique and creative. I adore these.

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