Les Toutacous de Manou

Unique accessories from recycled clothing

To wear or offer a Toutacou,

Is to give the opportunity

To emphasize the beauty

Of every woman,

By bringing out her femininity.

Manou with a toutacou

I wish every woman could allow herself to see further than the usual ready-to-wear, that she could celebrate her unique beauty by choosing to wear a toutacou that suits her. During the various events in which I participate, I am constantly surprised at the impact of toutacous on women. Surprisingly, even men are pleasantly interested and moved by a desire that their partner acquire a piece of clothing that makes her beautiful and desirable.

How to wear toutacous

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Each Toutacou is a set including 2 or 3 pieces.


The 3 pieces include: neck, shoulder covers and wrist warmers


The 2 pieces include: neck warmer and wrist warmers or shoulder covers and wrist warmers.

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