Remodeling service

Give a second life to your favorite sweaters, jackets, cardigans, sarongs, scarves and scarves.

Email us a photo of your garment to transform with size and kind of fiber to and we will inform you if we can do the work.

Pricing will be based on the work to be done. For a seamless cut in the garment, the price will vary between $ 55.00 and $ 75.00 (+ taxes and return shipping fees).

Transforming a sweater

For a two-piece set (shoulder and collar) or a three-piece (shoulder, collar and wrist), the price will vary between $ 75.00 and $ 95.00 (+ taxes and shipping costs).

We know that your sweater is unique, like you. We will transform it to an ornament that you will want to wear on any occasion, anytime time of the year.


Original sweater

chandail transformé

Variation of use

Transforming a scarf

How about transforming your favorite pareo, scarf or fabric to a clothing accessory that will add a dream touch to your look?

It will undoubtedly become one of your favorite ornaments.

The size of the fabric to be processed:
at least 36 x 44 inches (92 x 112 cm).

Cost of remodeling:
$ 45.00 + taxes and return shipping fees

Original scarf

Variation of use

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