A few words

Like many young adolescent girls of my youth, sewing was a real passion for me. In those days, I was enjoying transforming the clothes I was buying by give them a small personal and original touch. It was only much later, in 2010 to be precise, that I started to play again with sewing, but this time with used clothing as raw material. I can say thanks to two of my friends who were transforming their own clothes for bringing me back to this old passion. In summary and to put it simply, it was while doing a spring cleaning of my wardrobe that an impulse made it’s way – to use the scissors and re-arrange these old clothes. Having no sewing machine, I used simple needles to connect them together. When eveything I could was done with this technique, I decided to borrow a sewing machine from a friend in order to really assemble these first “creations”.

At the beginning of this creative process, many women wished they could offered themselves one of my clothes, but unfortunately the size was often not adequate. This kind of repetitive comments generated in me an idea: why not ​​create some sort of accessories that could be worn by any women regardless of their body shape and size. One needle after the other, Les de Toutacous Manou slowly took shape and became what they are today.

Let me finish with this sharing: beyond the aspect of creativity, what makes my day is to experience the gentle direct contact with each client during her visit. I feel privileged to have the great pleasure of witnessing a woman when she dares to try a Toutacou and suddenly sees herself as beautiful. At that moment, I am deeply touched…

It is a great joy to see every woman leave with a Toutacou de Manou, that has been made with love and care.


As an experienced artisan, I am animated by the desire to educate my clients on the environmental issues by reducing textile waste and recycling. This way, I hope that women will have the desire to go beyond the influence of models presented in popular magazines and advertisements.

Manon St-Jules is a member in full of CAMQ and “Les Toutacous de Manou” are now accredited by le Conseil des Métiers d’Art du Québec.

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